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We are a small, friendly, family orientated community-based not-for-profit long daycare Centre, with a maximum capacity of 25 children, aged 0-5 years.

We are open 5 days each week, from Monday to Friday, from 7.30am to 5.30pm. We are closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas period.


Treehouse Childcare Centre strives to acknowledge and embrace the individuality of our culturally diverse rural community, and to respect the rights and values of those around them, including the traditional custodians of this land.

We believe that children have the right to be in a happy, secure and natural environment and be provided with opportunities that encourage them to develop their full potential through play, experience, exploration and safe risk-taking.

This is a place where children, families and staff can grow at an individual pace and achieve the outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework.

Through open communication with our children, families and staff, we strive to ensure our programs and policies reflect our values, beliefs and the importance of best practice in early childhood learning.


The Treehouse is a non-profit organization, managed by a committee of parents and community members. See the Management Committee tab for further information.


In the 0-3 Room, we employ 2 staff members at all times, one of whom holds a Diploma in Children’s Services qualification as required under the Child Care Services (Child Care) Regulations 2012. This qualified educator takes care of up to 4 babies under 2 years. Another educator employed in the room (who may be at least trained to Certificate III in Children’s Services) takes care of up to 5 toddlers aged between 2 and 3 years.

In the 3-5 Room, we employ one staff member for the first 10 children aged 3-5 years, and when required for an additional up to 5 children aged 3-5 years, another staff member who is also qualified with a Diploma in Children’s Services, will be present.

Two staff members, one of whom is Diploma qualified, are present in the Centre from opening time at 7.30am